Innovation – Quality – Design

The latest arrival at Lacertosus®, with its patented design and refined biomechanics on which it is based, the Glute Thruster (GT) is the latest frontier for strength training and hypertrophy of the entire gluteus area.

With captivating and elegant lines, ergonomic and compact design, every single detail has been meticulously selected, designed to create the best strength machine for targeted training of the gluteus.


Tilting arm

Thanks to its patented system of fulcrums and levers, it is the machine that adapts to the user’s
morphology, guiding them throughout the execution of the exercise and adapting to all their micro movements. The magnetic system allows you to lock the arm in the resting position, a classy detail in pure Lacertosus style.

Back pad

Covered in eco-leather with contrasting stitching, the ergonomic back pad is equipped with a self-
aligning system: it supports the user’s back with maximum comfort by accompanying them throughout the entire exercise.

Stainless steel handles

With fine knurling, allow the movement of the GT within the working space, with minimum effort and maximum maneuverability!

Adjustment trolley

On recirculating ball sliding system and stainless-steel rod, it allows the user to select the most comfortable distance based on their biomechanical levers.


Adjustable pelvic pad

Covered in eco-leather, its design and generous padding ensure maximum comfort during the entire thrust even with high loads, without overloading the pelvic area.

Weight holders

In chromed steel, the practical weight holder allows to neatly store your plates and always keep them at hand.

Hooks for rubber bands

Ideal to train with a progressive variable load, take your training to the next level!

Handling wheels

Solid and sporty to move your GT, whenever you want to quickly change the layout of your workout space.



It is the machine that adapts to you!

Thanks to the patented mechanism, it’s the machine that adapts to your movement! Fully adjustable according to the user’s lever thanks to the adjustment trolley with 12 regulations, the adjustable pelvic leg pad and the tilting back pad.

Safety first!
The hip thrust with a barbell is not an easy exercise to perform. An incorrect execution combined with the possibility of lifting high loads, due to the nature of the movement and the involved muscles, make it a potentially dangerous exercise, especially for the lumbar area.

With our Glute Thruster the problem is solved!
The patented tilting arm allows the machine to accompany the user during the execution of the exercise by providing fixed references and adapting to all their micro movements, allowing the entire workload to be concentrated in the entire gluteus area, reducing the risk of injury.
Thanks to our patented mechanism incorporated into the GT, now performing the Hip Thrust exercise in extreme safety is easier than ever!


In the new Lacertosus GT, nothing is left to chance.
Only the best materials have been chosen for the creation of this innovative machine.
The obsessive attention to detail, from the contrasting stitching of the padding, to the knobs in anodized aluminum with lenticular logo, passing through the hot stamped and lasered logos, frames the whole making of the Glute Thruster a real design object in pure Lacertosus style.



Generous, comfortable and ergonomic padding designed to accommodate, wrap and accompany the user during the entire execution of the thrust, even with the highest loads.
Never again the problem of shoulder pain and in the pelvic area that occurs with the barbell’s use.
Finally, the rubber end stops and the magnetic systems allow the padding to be returned to the resting position, preparing the GT for the next workout.


The compact design, the small size and the handling system make it ideal for all home and garage gyms.

The aggressive, sporty and captivating lines combined with the structural solidity add a classy touch to your commercial gym or training center.


Captivating and sophisticated, the new Glute Thruster extends the boundaries of strength machines by reinventing the gluteus workout method.
Designed to impress with Lacertosus’ unique style, crafted to exceed your limits during every workout session.